Mammoth Real Estate Q & A “Legal Non-Conforming” and The Rules of Engagement

Mammoth Legal Non-Conforming

This Q & A was written for the Memorial Day Weekend 2016 issue of The Sheet. Q: Our Mammoth real estate agent told us that a Town building official recently stated that “grandfathered” condos from the 1960’s and 70’s may soon be challenged, especially for their capacity on nightly rental programs. That is unnerving to us because we own such a unit and depend on the rental income. What is … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q & A To List or Not to List? That Is the Question

This Real Estate Q&A was written for the President's Week issue of The Sheet Q: We are considering selling our Mammoth property. Our agent told us to simply “put it on the market” …just list it for sale, that we didn’t have to do anything to prepare it for the market. We’re not sure that is the best route to take. Do you think that is the best way to proceed in this market? A: The … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q & A Is Mammoth Real Estate a “Good Value” at This Time??

This column was written for the upcoming Martin Luther King weekend issue of The Sheet. Q: We were in Mammoth during the holiday period and we looked at some condos for sale. We came away with the impression that Mammoth real estate is a good value right now. We think the years of drought suppressed values. What do you think??? A: Mammoth condos are always a good value when the ski … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A Is Airbnb Trouble in Paradise?

This Real Estate Q&A column was written for the upcoming Christmas/New Year's edition of The Sheet Q: Paul, you’ve been talking plenty about the growth and popularity of Airbnb and how it is driving the rental business in Mammoth for condominium owners. While there are many good aspects, what are you seeing as potential problems for the local property owners?? A: The nightly or vacation … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A Mammoth Condo Trends 2015

This Q&A was written for the Thanksgiving weekend issue of The Sheet. Q: We know that the majority of properties in Mammoth are condos. We want to purchase one but we see mixed messages in the condo market and there are so many to chose from. What revelations do you see in the condo market right now and in the near future? A: Condos are a critical part of the Mammoth real estate market. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q & A … Measure Z: Not as Simple as it Looks

The Column was written for The Sheet at the request The Sheet owner/publisher Ted Carleton “The past does not equal the future.”  Tony Robbins Q: We like how you present different sides to a story or topic, so I guess it is the obvious question; we want to know what about think about Measure Z? A: I really wanted to answer the questions about how to prepare for the upcoming “Godzilla El … [Read more...]

Affordable Housing; Ping-Pong and the “Escalade Effect.”

This real estate Q & A was written for the Fourth of July edition of The Sheet. Q: Does Mammoth really need any more affordable housing? A: This really is a good question, one worthy of some discussion. On face value there are real estate development interests that would say no. The Mammoth Lakes Housing proponents would say “yes, we’re still very short.” And those local residents who … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A: Skating On Thin Ice?

Mammoth Ice Skating Rink

This Real Estate Q&A will appear in the Memorial Day Weekend issue of The Sheet Q: We’re watching the ice rink debate here in Mammoth. So where do you think the ice rink should be in Mammoth? A: The whole ice rink drama in Mammoth has a precarious history interwoven with public planning, real estate and politics. First, let me say that a quality mountain resort community should have a … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q & A –– Has the Time Come? The 4 Timeshare Necessities For Mammoth

This Real Estate Q & A appears in the Easter Weekend issue of the The Sheet “Don’t tell my mother I sell timeshare, she thinks I play piano in a whore house” – infamous Cabo San Lucas t-shirt in the 1990’s Q: We hear all the rumors about new potential hotels and timeshares coming to Mammoth but we know timeshares have not been successful in Mammoth in the past. So what do you think a … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q & A The Changing Age Game

This Q & A column also appears in the last issue of The Sheet for 2014. Q: When we purchased our Mammoth condo almost 20 years ago Intrawest was riding the Baby Boom demographics wave. Where do we stand today as far as demographics and real estate here in Mammoth, and for the next 20 years? A: This is a great question and there’s plenty to discuss. Most ski resorts in North America are … [Read more...]