Real Estate Q & A The Changing Age Game

This Q & A column also appears in the last issue of The Sheet for 2014. Q: When we purchased our Mammoth condo almost 20 years ago Intrawest was riding the Baby Boom demographics wave. Where do we stand today as far as demographics and real estate here in Mammoth, and for the next 20 years? A: This is a great question and there’s plenty to discuss. Most ski resorts in North America are … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A: Main Lodge Moar!!

This Real Estate Q&A column is slated for publication in this weekend's edition of The Sheet Q: I read about the “Main Lodge” land trade in the local papers but there really isn’t that much information. The local Congressman is asking for support to get the Senate to vote on it. Further down Google I found some older information on your blog, from 2006. Since you seem to have some history … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A: Drought, Gas Prices, and Inflation??

This Q&A appears in the Fourth of July issue of The Sheet. Q: We’re looking to purchase a condo in Mammoth sometime in the near future but are now concerned about how the drought, gas prices and inflation will affect values in Mammoth. What do you think? A: Good question, but personally I’d be more concerned about overinflated asking prices and pushy agents. But seriously, in the past … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q & A: The Past Will Equal The Future….

This Mammoth Real Estate Q & A appears in this week's The Sheet, the annual Year In Review issue…. Q: Mammoth has had a rocky time the past couple of years; the bankruptcy, loss of town managers and other critical government personnel, etc. How are these events going to affect real estate in the next couple of years? A: Relatively speaking, the Town of Mammoth Lakes isn’t nearly as … [Read more...]

Q&A: Mammoth’s New Fireplace Regulations

Q: We hear the Town has passed a new ordinance pertaining to fireplaces. Can you give us some details and how this might/will affect real estate sales, transactions and values? A: The new ordinance was signed into place last month (March 20). It will be referred to as “13-03” and it passed rather quietly. But there was significant public notice/information and media coverage prior to the … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A: What’s The Best Addition to Mammoth In The Past 20 Years??

This Q&A appears in this week's issue of The Sheet, the annual "Year in Review"/New Year's edition. The snow conditions are fabulous in Mammoth with large crowds. Next week is booked heavily also. Happy New Year!! Q: I see that you were a Planning Commissioner in the 1990’s here in Mammoth Lakes, so what is your take on what is the most significant improvement to the area in the past 20 … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q & A: Why are Mammoth Condo Fees so high?

Q: We’ve been looking at Mammoth condominiums online and every time we see something interesting and we inquire about the monthly common area fees they are always so high. Why is that? And do the higher fees impact the values? A: This has become a BIG issue with many potential buyers. There are many variables and issues revolving around this topic. And ultimately I will try to do some … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A: Why Should I Buy If “The Sky is Falling”

This Mammoth Real Estate Q & A appears in this weekend's issue of The Sheet. There is a good crowd in town for the holiday weekend and a little fresh snow from last week has certainly helped. Q: We still want to purchase a condo in Mammoth but the local media is so full of negative things and we don’t think any of that helps local real estate values. Can you give us your outlook? A: … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A | The Economic (Self) Stimulus Puzzle

This column appears in this week's issue of The Sheet. Q: So Paul, what’s your take on the economic stimulus plan in Mammoth?? A: While I applaud those who are making the effort and the discussion is an important one, the topic of economic stimulus still remains a puzzle in my mind. Years ago we were forewarned by Rusty to “not become addicted to the heroin of development.” But many did and many … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A–Intrawest, Stakeholders and Skateboarders

This Q&A appears in this weekend's issue of The Sheet. A large crowd here in Mammoth for Fourth of July, the weather is splendid and everybody seems to be having a good time. I've never seen so many people out riding bikes. Q: With all the controversy currently going on in Mammoth I hear lots of local residents expressing that they wish Intrawest never came to Mammoth. I’d like to hear what … [Read more...]