Real Estate Q&A–Zoned for Tourism and the Holy Spirit

The latest edition of Mammoth Real Estate Q&A appeared in this last weekend's edition of The Sheet. This last weekend was BluesaPalooza, an event that has become so impressive with over 60 microbrewers offering tastings of their latest brew and world class headliner music. Major attendance and deservedly so. Q: We enjoyed your perspective on doing business in Mammoth. We’ve been second … [Read more...]

Go Westin Young Man

Some of the folks who regularly quiz me about Mammoth real estate think I have lost my mind. When prodding me for ideas about “opportunities” I have recently suggested watching the Westin Monache condo hotel project. What? (Paul HAS lost his mind!) But I didn’t say start buying––I said start watching. Here’s what I see and potentially foresee. First, from what I can see, feel and hear, the … [Read more...]

Mammoth Foreclosures 3.0––Let The Games Begin.

The past few weeks have become more and more exciting in the Mammoth Foreclosure realm. From attending Trustee’s Sales (aka auctions), to “cash-for-keys” negotiations between lenders and former owners and tenants, to sometimes disgusting “trash-outs”, to seeing happy new owners settling into a once-foreclosed property, there are few dull moments. And the paperwork, endless forms, and seller … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A–Success Leaves Clues––and the Quickbooks Stare

June 2008 Mammoth Real Estate Q&A as it appeared in this week's The Sheet. The smoke has cleared out of Mammoth and the Motocross crowd is exiting. Looks like Mammoth is ready to settle into summer. Q: With all the reports of businesses closing in Mammoth, and it seems like the other half are for sale, what is going on? It’s not just the Village businesses. Over the years we’ve watched the … [Read more...]

Broker’s Report, June 16, 2008

Broker’s Report June 16––I’ve got plenty to say this time around so bear with me. I’ll try to be concise. I’ll cover ground including the very interesting current market conditions, the ongoing development planning in Mammoth, the anticipated effect (my guess) of escalating gas prices on Mammoth, the latest and perhaps desperate maneuvers by local real estate “professionals” that consumers and … [Read more...]

Real Estate Q&A–Assessing The Assessor

The May Real Estate Q&A appeared in this last weekend's The Sheet. This issue of The Sheet was predominately focused on the June 3 election, so the Q&A fit in well. Obviously, second homeowners won't be voting for the Mono County Assessor's position, but I think this information is valuable nonetheless. Q: We noticed on your blog site that you are a member of the Mono County (Property … [Read more...]

Flying Through Manure

Ahhh… the Mammoth Airport. Unfortunately, asking me to “cut through the crap” on the Airport issue brings me back full circle to many of my past topics and rants. But of course that’s why they were topics and rants to begin with. I often receive requests from people who want to come and speak at my office meetings (talk about having to cut through crap!). So if I allow them, my request/demand … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A, April 2008

This Real Estate Q&A appeared in this last weekend's issue of The Sheet under the headline "Maybe a Trip to Mexico Is a Good Idea". That was the Publisher's banner. I originally titled it Asleep At The Wheel? Both are appropriate. Q: In a very recent column you stated that the spring buyers “have exited for the most part and there won’t be any volume of buyers looking until late summer”. I … [Read more...]

Broker’s Report, April 16 2008

Broker’s Report April 16––In the spirit of keeping this from sounding like the Broken Record Report instead of a fresh Broker’s Report, I will digress somewhat this time around, but hopefully produce something worth your while. For those serious market watchers who want immediate information, here it is; the Mammoth market has, for the most part, returned to a stalemate between buyers and … [Read more...]

Mammoth Foreclosures 2.0––The First Inning

Foreclosures are reaching record numbers in many real estate markets, some to the extent that foreclosure numbers are exceeding actual closed sales. Seeing those kinds of statistics can be shocking. Clearly, the values in those markets will be greatly impacted by the volume of foreclosed properties. That is why I have been intensively watching and reporting on that segment of the market for the … [Read more...]