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Paul founded the brokerage in 1990 at the age of 31. In the past 24 years he has overseen a large quantity of real estate transactions and supervised dozens of agents. Today, he enjoys a smaller real estate company and is focused on one-on-one service with buyers and sellers of Mammoth real estate. Resident of Mammoth since 1981 (UCLA '81), former M.L. Planning Commissioner ('90-'98) and a member of the Mono County (Property Tax) Assessment Appeals Board since 2004. Experienced in multiple facets of resort development and property management. In his free time he is an avid skier, mountain biker and deep-sea fisherman.

Flying Through Manure

Ahhh… the Mammoth Airport. Unfortunately, asking me to “cut through the crap” on the Airport issue brings me back full circle to many of my past topics and rants. But of course that’s why they were topics and rants to begin with. I often receive requests from people who want to come and speak at my office meetings (talk about having to cut through crap!). So if I allow them, my … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A, April 2008

This Real Estate Q&A appeared in this last weekend's issue of The Sheet under the headline "Maybe a Trip to Mexico Is a Good Idea". That was the Publisher's banner. I originally titled it Asleep At The Wheel? Both are appropriate. Q: In a very recent column you stated that the spring buyers “have exited for the most part and there won’t be any volume of buyers looking until late … [Read more...]

Broker’s Report, April 16 2008

Broker’s Report April 16––In the spirit of keeping this from sounding like the Broken Record Report instead of a fresh Broker’s Report, I will digress somewhat this time around, but hopefully produce something worth your while. For those serious market watchers who want immediate information, here it is; the Mammoth market has, for the most part, returned to a stalemate between buyers … [Read more...]

Mammoth Foreclosures 2.0––The First Inning

Foreclosures are reaching record numbers in many real estate markets, some to the extent that foreclosure numbers are exceeding actual closed sales. Seeing those kinds of statistics can be shocking. Clearly, the values in those markets will be greatly impacted by the volume of foreclosed properties. That is why I have been intensively watching and reporting on that segment of the market for the … [Read more...]

More Affordable Housing in Mammoth

March Mammoth Real Estate Q&A as appeared in the March 22 issue of The Sheet Q: A recent Los Angeles Times article that featured Mammoth talked about the increasing apartment vacancies in town this winter. Is this for real, is it a trend, and what’s it all about? A: While I like to focus my business on resort residential properties, I always seem to get dragged into the income property … [Read more...]

What’s a Resort Community To Do?

This column could have been titled Desperate Developers 3.0, but rather than bash developers I would like to pose a question––and get thinking about a solution. The development quandary in Mammoth is now coming to a head. We have a yet-to-be but soon-to-be heated Town Council race that will culminate in a June vote. We have a very controversial height-sensitive project proposed along Mammoth … [Read more...]

Scrubbing The Condo Inventory

This Q&A would have been timely for the February issue of Real Estate Times. But I would have missed the deadline anyway––too much skiing and snow to shovel. I think there’s more relevant information here than in that entire issue. So… Q: When you say that you “scrub” the condo inventory, walk us through your mental process of doing this and the reasoning behind the … [Read more...]

You Can Check-In Any Time You Like, But Can You Ever Leave?

One of the blogs I frequently visit for quality insights into the hotel and tourism industry is the Hotel Law Blog. The writer, Jim Butler, is a prominent attorney specializing in hotel matters. His blog entries provide a unique view into current hotel trends, legal, financing and business issues, etc.––really cutting edge information about the hotel business. Recently, Mr. Butler’s posts … [Read more...]

Broker’s Report, Feb. 5

Broker’s Report Feb. 5––Lots of good and interesting things to talk about. Snow. January was a snowy and windy month and it has spilled into February. Mammoth has solid snowpack on the ground and good skiing is guaranteed through spring and the winter certainly won’t be labeled drought. It is creating buzz. And the snow has brought real estate activity with it. Real estate sales. The … [Read more...]

Mammoth Real Estate, 80′s, 90′s, and the 21st Century.

Mammoth Real Estate Q&A will no longer appear in the Mammoth Real Estate Times. This column would have appeared in the January issue. From now on it will only be found here or on the RE/MAX of Mammoth website. I thank you for continuing to read and comment. Q: The doomsayers (trolls?) on your blog are always referring to the crash in values in the 90’s, but … [Read more...]