Mammoth Foreclosure of The Week | Sierra Manors #63

Sierra Manors #63 –– Okay, inputting this is a “laugh out loud” (LOL) moment for me. Mammoth real estate agents love to brag about selling the high-end properties to their affluent clients, blah, blah, blah (I sometimes wish I was one of those!). But in the 80’s we focused on “bread-and-butter” deals in Mammoth, and in many ways the market is back to that. The crashpad segment of the local market is pretty healthy right at the moment and the Sierra Manors project has been a hotspot for that activity. The project was completely repainted this last summer and they did it without a special assessment!! (amazing, hats off to their BOD and management). What makes this even more compelling is all of the improvements going in across the street at Rafters, the old Ocean Harvest, etc. And Roberto’s and the Red Line are just steps away. Talk about perfect crashpad criteria. Even better; I hear avocado Formica is coming back in vogue. So here we have this nice 2 bedroom / 2 bath condo which is actually pretty spacious, its got new paint and carpet and a Lopi woodburning stove. The views out of the rear bedrooms are to the north looking over the park-and-ride lot (pretty nice). Sierra Manors has seen several REOs this year and some of the new owners are doing some fabulous remodel work–even granite countertops!! It feels more and more like the 70’s! Listed at only $115,000

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  1. I wish the matching avocado refridgerator was there to complete the look!

    Seriously, though, I just found your blog, and Mammoth Lakes looks like a gorgeous place to live. How safe is it? Do residents have security alarms on their homes? Is it a seasonal vacation town or do people live there year-round?


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