Mammoth Foreclosure of The Week | St. Moritz #48

St. Moritz #48 –– This condo, or we can even call it a townhome, is a perfect large “crashpad.” There’s plenty of room in this 2 bedroom+loft/2 bath property (1339 square feet according to the County Assessor). This is priced at only $189,150 which equates to $141 per square foot. That’s pretty darn cheap in a Mammoth condo project that has good management, a nice pool and spa area, a large recreation room with pool tables, etc., and that has addressed most of their long-term maintenance issues. The common area fee is $541/month. This property will definitely need some new carpeting but the main section of living area is completed in nice tiling. From there it can use whatever the new owner’s budget and imagination can handle (the on-site manager says he has the same “harvest gold” formica in his home and it works just fine). The loft is quite spacious in this floorplan and can easily double as a combination den and sleeping quarters for a small army. The location within the project is very close to the common area so making that snowstorm jaunt to the spa is easy. The project location affords direct shuttle access to Eagle Base, or walk into town for shopping, etc. The unit is south facing and close to parking. There’s even two nice closets for owner lock-offs. With a little effort this could be ready for ski season!!

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  1. I think it’s a great crib for my family but I was wondering if you have any other units bigger than that. We’re actually a family of 3 and I think the rooms won’t be enough.


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