Mammoth Ski & Racquet #32––Time for this broker to get back into work mode. Mammoth is in the traditional late-spring slow period but with the Sierra passes open the summer visitors (many Europeans) are already poking around. The core of the summer crowd will be here soon enough; the Mammoth Motocross starts next weekend. The real estate market is relatively active and inventory remains low. The foreclosure/REO offerings are lean right now. So here is a new one that is located near Canyon Lodge and is truly ski/winter oriented, just when those buyers aren’t typically looking (they’ll be sorry, lol). This 2 bedroom / 2 bath condominium is a highly desirable front row corner in the project. It has good sun and views to Lincoln Mountain and distant views to the Sherwins through the trees. It has a garage but it is not the private garage variety, just a good covered place to stash your vehicle from the snowload experienced at this altitude. All of the units in this project were retrofitted with gas fireplaces a few years ago. So there is no woodburning like many of the modern condo projects. The 2 bedrooms are downstairs and those bedrooms are move-in ready. The walk-in closet in the master bedroom has hookups for a stacked washer and dryer. The kitchen needs some help but $10-15,000 could make that new and nice. The common area fee on this property is $559 per month plus $30/mo. for cable TV. The overall project has been on a long-term improvement program as opposed to a ( future) one-time major assessment. The swimming pool is being re-plastered right now.  Priced at only $195,000.






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