Mammoth New Listing 145 Beaver Trail

Talk about a cool little house. Here is what I refer to as a “historic A-frame” home that has an amazing remodel/transformation. The result is a smaller home with  TONS of utility that is modern-chic that marries-in many of the LA mid-century features and feel. Certainly not for everybody, but nothing was done cheaply or poorly in this property transformation. And I’m one who always says you have to put function-in-front-of-form in the Mammoth environment (architects hate that) and this home does exactly that. The garage is large (for two cars) and has an immense amount of storage and has door access to the house and the rear deck. The service porch is large and has a separate entrance. It really is a giant mud room, and serves as the washer dryer room too. The home is compact and is not going to work for those who need more space, but there really are three potential sleeping areas. And two full bathrooms. The master bedroom has a large walk-in closet. There really are too many features to list. Once you get in it and start looking around they are endless, and quality. Some of my favorite are the custom crackled glass features and glass brick. And the concrete counter tops. Everything is quality. The location and neighborhood are highly desirable. About a seven minute walk to the Village/Gondola. Listed at $539,900

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