New Mammoth Listing Sierra Manors #107

Lost of descriptive words come to mind when I try to describe this property; crashpad is one, vintage is another, and some others. This a a clean and quite original 1 bedroom + loft and 1.25 bath condo at Sierra Manors. The fireplace ? woodstove is original and will have to be replaced. But it certainly is a period piece of the late 1960’s. The avocado refrigerator is also original (my favorite appliance repairman says “they don’t make things like they use to”). Despite its age it is remarkably clean and well maintained. The loft has what the local agents call “ladder access.” But it is original. The bedroom has an extra vanity and washer/dryer hookups. The windows are dual pane. This is a groovy little condo and located on the backside of the project. Located close to everything on the Old Mammoth corridor. Hard to find two sleeping areas in this price range. Low fees too.  Listed at $129,900.

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