New Mammoth Listing Grand Sierra Lodge #1205 and #1305

Here are two 1-bedroom / 1-bath suites at Grand Sierra Lodge. They are in the same “stack” so one is on top of the other. They were originally purchased by an investor at the “launch.” These units have already proven to be difficult for potential buyers to look at because they are always rented. The appeal of this location is the east and southern exposure and view. The location overlooking the plaza makes for great people watching but it could get a little noisy at night, but some people like that. The location is also convenient to where the ski-back trail dumps into the plaza. And the smells emanating from Starbucks (below and across the plaza) might be too much also. Grand Sierra Lodge was the last the the three Village condo hotel properties built and that is where the main front desk is. Most think it is the most preferable. It also has the nicest “fit and finish” of the three properties and the nicest lobby area. These units have good access to the main pool and spas. There is now some limited financing available for these units. Listed at $259,900 each.


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