Mammoth Green and Eagle Run; Starting Anew

Mammoth Green and Eagle Run were two of the original Intrawest built condominium projects developed in the Eagle Base area in the late 9o’s and early 2000’s. Both of these HOAs eventually engaged in construction defect litigation against Intrawest. There were major intrusive investigations completed by construction defect specialists. There were years of back-and-forth between the HOAs and Intrawest’s insurance carriers. The litigations prohibited conventional financing on both projects for years and likely depressed their property values. Both HOAs have now finalized multi-million dollar settlements. Both HOAs are now addressing the defective issues. Eagle Run was able to complete a good portion of the rebuilding last summer and is working on the balance this summer. Mammoth Green has begun their reconstruction this summer.

The photos below will show both HOAs are replacing all of the siding. One of the major defective issues was the mis-application of the original Hardie Siding. This is the “cement fiber” siding used in most of the Intrawest developed properties. Purportedly, the James Hardie Building Products company was part of the litigation and settlement. Other defective issues included roof design, the decking above the understructure parking garages, etc.

Hopefully, both Associations can get back to some normalcy!

Mammoth Green

Eagle Run

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