New Mammoth Listing — Westin Monache #301

The Westin Monache just reopened and is in an interesting position in the summer of 2020. With the economic damage to the hotel and hospitality industry, the proposed new hotels and condo hotels that have been discussed in various locations around Mammoth have a less likelihood of moving forward. The development financing may be the issue, or the willingness of the developer to take the risk. For several years to come the Westin Monache will remain as the premier hotel facility in Mammoth. And that is very important to Alterra who operates the onsite rental component AND needs luxury accommodations for their IKON Pass holders who come here from out-of-state. But the major renovations that were planned for this spring were postponed (unfortunately, it was perfect timing with facility basically closed). They will happen in fall or next spring. So here is a 2 bedroom / 2 bath corner unit with views to Mammoth Mountain and the Mammoth Pass. This unit grossed $90,000 in rental revenue in 2019. Ready to rent.

Listed at $639,000

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