Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on what’s happening with the Mammoth Lakes real estate market?

The Mammoth Lakes broker’s report is written to help buyers, homeowners, and investors alike navigate through the happenings in the Mammoth real estate market. View my archive here. You can also view the popular Mammoth Real Estate Q&A Column here. Another great resource is my Mammoth Real Estate Information posts here.

How is the real estate development in Mammoth Lakes?

Get my opinions and comments about Mammoth real estate development here.

What’s all the hype about when it comes to foreclosures in Mammoth Lakes?

If you are watching the Mammoth Lakes foreclosures market, read here for the most current REO trends in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra.

Do you have a list of active foreclosure listings in Mammoth Lakes?

My archive “Mammoth Foreclosure of the Week,” is a collection of my personal hand picked foreclosed properties. These properties present buyers with great opportunity. View my personal picks here, or a complete list of active foreclosure listings here.

How is the Short Sale market in Mammoth Lakes?

I have been watching the short sale market closely in Mammoth Lakes. You can find more information here.

What ever happened with the Mammoth Lakes bankruptcy?

That is a great question and I have written about the bankruptcy in depth through several posts. View a complete list of those posts here.

What are the hottest properties to pay attention to in Mammoth Lakes?

This is a very common question, but what’s hot for some, might not be the right property for someone else. However, I have hand picked my favorites, and you can view them here.

Paul what’s your opinion on TOT and nightly rentals?

I have written several pieces about this topic, and have touched upon many different aspects of leveraging income, TOT and the Town of Mammoth Lakes, and the pros and cons of nightly rentals. View my opinions here.

How have real estate sales been in Mammoth Lakes?

I have had many discussions on the sales activity in Mammoth and the surrounding areas. View my personal and professional advice on real estate sales here.