Eagle Lodge Real Estate Offers World Class Living Year Round

Eagle Lodge is located at Mammoth Mountain in the Mammoth Lakes area of California. Many skiers appreciate this area for the Eagle Lodge resort condos that are available for either vacation rentals or permanent residences. Why would anybody want to experience the beauty, comfort, and close proximity to nature of the Eagle Lodge condos for only a short period of time? The Eagle Lodge real estate market boasts a wide variety of properties for a wide range of prices. However, residents are attracted to the purchase of Eagle Lodge condos for more than their prices since the surrounding area provides its own draw.

When most families are researching the merits of a particular market, they consider it a positive feature if a certain residence is close to outdoor activities. A nice view is an added bonus, especially as the world continues to become more built up and private residences start to lose their privacy. Anybody looking into the Eagle Lodge real estate market, however, will be pleased to discover that the Mammoth Lakes area offers beautiful mountain views to everybody in the region.

The ski lift that operates directly out of Eagle Lodge allows many of the residences within the area to be classified as “ski-in/ski-out” properties. This could be the solution for anybody who simply can’t get enough ski time throughout the season. Eagle Lodge real estate allows residents to take advantage of every “ski-able” moment.

Condos within the Eagle Lodge area include the Juniper Springs Lodge, which is an upscale resort area recognized for its beautiful, convenient location. The Juniper Crest condos offer a variety of beautiful views as they are located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on the edge of Inyo National Forest. These ski-in/ski-out condos are perfect for anyone who wants to be close to the lifts that take you directly to some of the best ski-able terrain on Mammoth Mountain.

The Summit Condos also provide residents with a quick walk to the ski lifts and have been wonderfully remodeled in the last couple of years. Other condos known for their fantastic views include the Eagle Run condos, and the Aspen Creek complex boasts spas, saunas, and a swimming pool for residents to enjoy.

The swimming pool found at the Sunstone Lodge is open year-round. Sunstone also has a fitness center, meeting facilities, and its own access to the ski lifts. There are wonderful amenities and location aspects for each of these areas, truly giving prospective residents of the Eagle Lodge area a difficult decision to think about when they are attempting to choose their live-in property!

The variety of property types available in the Eagle Lodge real estate market is convenient as everyone has the opportunity to explore the exact type of living arrangement that fits their lifestyle. Eagle Lodge condos, apartments, townhouses, single family homes, and luxury houses are all available.

All of the properties in Eagle Lodge, regardless of the type of housing, are able to reap the benefits of nature’s beauty and the activities that are available in such a gorgeous setting. Anybody who is able to partake in one of the more lavish Eagle Lodge condos or an extravagant home will find themselves truly living in the lap of luxury. No matter your price point, in this type of area, you can’t go wrong.

Permanent residences at Eagle Lodge offer more benefits than simply allowing the tenants to indulge in the outdoor excitement and magnificent views that the Eagle Lodge area offers year-round. The activities that are available for Eagle Lodge residents change seasonally. While skiing is huge throughout the winter months, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, sightseeing, and helicopter tours are also popular pastimes. The warm weather brings with it some completely different activity options including swimming, hiking, fishing, golf, biking, tennis, camping, and climbing.

Arts and crafts festivals and outdoor concerts are abundant throughout the year as are spa services. The variety of activities that can be experienced results in a happy population – and they are well-fed at the multiple dining establishments that exist throughout the area!

Like many other housing markets right now, the Eagle Lodge real estate market also has some tempting deals in the short sale and foreclosure category. Keep an eye on listings and you just might spot your dream home.