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Mammoth Fireplaces––To Burn or Not To Burn??

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”    Mark Twain Sitting around a blazing fire on a frigid night is part of the winter experience here in Mammoth. But the old wood burning fireplaces have once again taken center-stage in Mammoth Real Estate Pain-In-The-Ass Department. Local agents and their … READ MORE

Mammoth Summer of Gambrel Discontent

Like the historic log cabins of nearly 100 years ago,  Mammoth gambrels are from a bygone era too. What is a gambrel? Some people call them flat roofed “A” frames because they don’t have perpendicular side walls. But for the most part these structures are the product of the 1970’s … READ MORE

REOs or Short Sales, Which Are Better For Mammoth??

Upon my return from vacation I found the most recent issue of the “trade” magazine from the National Association of Realtors®. For years I have always tried to glean something of value out of these publications, and I often used the best information for some discussion at sales meetings (over … READ MORE

Mammoth and the Ubiquitous Need to Re–Create

I had a love/hate relationship with psychology courses in college. I was fascinated with the subject (still am) but failed miserably at the multiple-choice tests. If they could have just given me a topic to write about it I would have been fine, but then again I might have become … READ MORE

Is This Any Way To Sell a Mammoth Business?

Some things just torture me. And a recent article in the Mammoth Times about a new business for sale just irked me. I just really have to ask myself how this came about? This was a gross disservice to these owners and potential sellers. What were the editors thinking? I’m … READ MORE