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In my bi-weekly email newsletter, I give readers a concise and timely summary of Mammoth Lakes real estate news with a special focus on sold properties. Most people watch the Mammoth Lakes real estate inventory online and see properties come and go. But most people don’t see (and what’s often the most important) is what has actually closed escrow and what makes those closed sales significant in the marketplace. I believe this is invaluable information for buyers and sellers in Mammoth.

What’s inside the emails?

  • An overview of sales activity to give you a good idea of what’s selling and at what prices
  • The current condominium and residential inventory level (and which end of the market is moving)
  • A glance into the current pending (“under contract”) numbers (and the effect this has on the market)
  • Observations from my 30+ years experience as a real estate agent (and where the opportunities for you are)
  • What the “noteworthy sales” for the period were (and if they were good buys or poor decisions)
  • Where the hot opportunities are for the right buyers
  • Additional real estate news on the local and national level that could impact your next transaction

There won’t be any extra emails or spam sent to you, and subscribers can opt out at any time. I’m committed to providing honest, transparent information that helps readers make educated decisions on buying and selling Mammoth real estate.

Whether you’re a seasoned local homeowner, a second homeowner, an investor, or a first time home buyer, the information in this newsletter is for you. It isn’t the rehashed “fluff” you may have been told by other real estate agents. After 30+ years working with with Mammoth sellers and buyers, my email newsletter content is everything you need and nothing extra.


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