Mono Lake Western Shore 100 Acres Video

Easter Sunday 2021 seemed like an appropriate day to go up to Mono Lake and check out the 100 acres on the western shore that Mammoth Mountain purchased in 2007. It is/was the primary piece for the Forest Service land exchange for the ~30 acres around and under the Main Lodge of the Ski Area. According to the Mono County tax roll this Mono Lake parcel is now owned by the “United States of America” and the transfer concluded on February 20, 2020. The Main Lodge parcels still show on the tax roll “possessory interest” so their transfer to private ownership may not be complete.  My involvement with the property started in 2001 representing the Cunninghams and their development interests. Grandma Cunningham (Ruby) owned and operated the Tioga Lodge in 1940s and 50s when it was thriving resort with a popular restaurant and bar and was known for the beautiful trout ponds and rose gardens along the shores of Mono Lake.

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