Nightly Rentals

Mammoth Real Estate–And Here Is Another Real Problem

A long vacation and plenty of recent hot weather made me take a break from the blog. But this last week the publisher of The Sheet, Ted Carlton, stopped in my office and told me he needed a real estate column for his 44-page Fourth of July weekend issue. So … READ MORE

The Mammoth TOT Letter­­––”Take a Letter, Maria”

The Town’s  “Rental Enforcement Notice” dated Sept. 8 was mass mailed and delivered to all Mammoth property owners the following week. Before mine was retrieved from my P.O. Box, I had several clients email me copies of theirs’. Nobody was impressed. At the very least the Town could have tried … READ MORE

The Mammoth Real Estate Rental Machine: Growing Big, Bold and Bright

Disclaimer: This author recognizes that Mammoth property owners, both owners of condominiums and single-family homes, are successfully renting their properties to nightly renters, and some or all of these activities may be in violation of Town of Mammoth Lakes ordinances or zoning regulations and/or may be in violation of governing … READ MORE

The VRBO Phenomenon, and Where It May Take Us.

VRBO’s presence and success is growing dramatically. What is VRBO? VRBO is or vacation rentals by owner online. The website is a relatively no frills but highly effective portal for over 90,000 vacation homes available for rent worldwide. In the past 15 years many websites were incubated to link … READ MORE

The Past Does Not Equal The Future

I was having trouble getting ready for a vacation and meeting a deadline, so the Mammoth Times editorial staff asked me to pull out an old Q&A that might have some relevance. This column first appeared in the Fall of 1998 and is indicative of what was on people’s minds … READ MORE