Mammoth Lakes Bankruptcy

Mammoth Foreclosure of The Week 247 Pearson Rd in Crowley Lake

Okay, I know this isn’t Mammoth but while there is very little residential inventory under $500,000 in Mammoth, here is a large modern home 20 minutes away in Crowley Lake for only $409,000. That’s $113 per square foot for relatively (almost) new construction. There is a giant living room upstairs … READ MORE

The Restructuring Plan––Austerity Mammoth Style, Or Not?

I promised my newsletter readers last week that I would delve into the current “Restructuring” here in Mammoth, so here you go….I’m really trying not to be cynical…. The last three decades have proven to me that life in Mammoth can be very entertaining all on it’s own. Mammoth Lakes … READ MORE

Open Letter to The U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Dear Honorable Bankruptcy Judge (Who Will Hear Our Case), There is so much you need to know. As a 30+ year resident, property owner and business owner of Mammoth Lakes, I would like to enter my own comments into the record regarding the Town’s filing for bankruptcy. There is plenty … READ MORE

The Mammoth BK Kabuki Dance

Every day I find myself answering questions about the Town’s possible bankruptcy; from potential buyers, past clients, current owners, and many more who are simply too lazy to read the news (most of the links are provided right here on this blog). And I know there are buyers sniffing around … READ MORE